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Emlyn Firth

Pokus / Gliche

The Gliché and Pokus prints use glitch culture to understand the block-printing process. Firth has focused on a particular sample from the Bombay Sample Book, combining elegant geometric tessellations with a more complex florid pattern. Interested in the fashion feedback loop between East and West, Gliché hints at the popular rise of the glitch aesthetic, once the preserve of coders and designers. The pattern itself is the product of deliberate
hand-guided tinkering with a digital process, however, produced by hand in Ajrakpur, each scarf reveals its own glitch through the marks of the maker.

Emlyn Firth studied Visual Communication at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2000. He has since worked for a number of leading design companies, specialising in art direction and graphic design. He is Director of A Visual Agency, which focuses on collaborative ways of working and has been part of various cross-disciplinary projects such as Watershed+ and Scotland Can Make It!