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Gabriella Marcella

Dancing Ladies / Cloud Skirt /

Cloud Shopper

The Dancing Ladies and Cloud motifs, extracted directly from the Turkey red archives, are corrupted through Marcella’s pop-sensibility. The immediacy of her work with Riso-printing producing posters, cards and prints is tuned with the speed and accuracy at which the block-printers work. Along with motifs from her own portfolio (referencing the sometimes incongruous use of imagery within Turkey red archives) Gabriella has produced a striking response to the archive as colorful and crazy as the original designs. The Shopper is produced on unbleached khadi, defined as homespun cloth produced on a handloom. Gandhi encouraged khadi production, using it to strengthen Home Rule in India, to the detriment of British cotton mills and the Turkey red industry.

Gabriella Marcella is a Glasgow-based designer who started up Risotto print works after winning the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Practice on graduation from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012. The studio specialises in the Risograph process and creates print ranges for a variety of clients, as well as responding to commissions for design, installations and art direction. Marcella also produces garments, stationary and merchandise.