• IMG_6817

    Casting our eyes over the morning’s work where I was using simple masking techniqoes to play with the design.

  • Spring_blockprinting_Ahmedabad_920_49

    Experimenting with the blocks and pattern design during the research and development trip in February 2015

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Laura Spring

Leheriya I & Leheriya II

Often used for turbans, Leheriya is a traditional tie-dye technique from Jaipur made by folding and twisting the fabric before dying, producing a distinctive zigzag motif. The Turkey red sample books made many designs that attempted to replicate this pattern. Spring has combined two elements from Turkey red, this commonly used zigzag motif and its palate of primary colours. Translated into block print, these Leheriya cushions speak of an Indian heritage through the graphic sensibility of Laura Spring. On the reverse Spring has utilised a traditional zigzag block from Pethapur. In contract to the complexity of patenting, where copyright is so highly protected, the existence of traditional blocks defies this, operating as open source designs that belong to no one and everyone.

Laura Spring is an independent designer-maker based in Glasgow. Interested in the relationship between motif and function, her products range from weatherproof laptop covers with stylised meteorological symbols to limited edition commissions with the likes of Lush and Heal’s. Adopting an ethical approach to manufacturing, Spring produces small batches in-house while selecting other British manufacturers, equally committed to quality, for larger orders. Materials are sourced for their ecological credentials as well as their suitability for purpose and longevity.