Leheriya II / Laura Spring


Pigment dyes, block printed on linen-cotton

Machine wash at 30°C

Edition of 24

Available in red/pink or blue/teal.

45 x 44 cm

The fine graphic Leheriya II cushion was produced by Parijat Studio and Design Deals and was inspired by the traditional tie-dye technique of Leheriya that originated in Jaipur. The Leheriya method has influenced both block printing in India and Scotland’s Turkey Red- read more about Lehriya and other tie dye techniques in our Tie Dye story by Elinor Gallant.

All the India Street Bazaar products will arrive packaged in handmade cotton paper, screen-printed in India. Find out more about the paper making process and the Happy Pen factory’s relationship to Ghandi’s Ashram in Ahmedabad in Charlotte Linton’s story.

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blue/teal, red/pink