Red Chilies Dohar / LOkesh Ghai


Discharge dyes, block printed on silk

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle

Edition of 5

200 x 200 cm

The sumptuous Red Chilies Dohar was produced by Parijat Studio and hand-stitched by Asha Ghai. A Dohar is a summer quilt light layerings of cotton and silk fabrics hand stitched together. This quilt is adorned with a red chilies design that Ghai devised by looking at and exploring inspiring reds in his home. Red is an auspicious colour in India, but why did Turkey red get its name? Find out more in our Turkey Red story by Julie Wertz.

All the India Street Bazaar products will arrive packaged in handmade cotton paper, screen-printed in India. Find out more about the paper making process and the Happy Pen factory’s relationship to Ghandi’s Ashram in Ahmedabad in Charlotte Linton’s story.

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